Saturday, September 22, 2012

Business Card and Social Media

Business card is necessary for every marketing professional to give his company and the employee’s contact details to the recipients. A normal card is filled with all the contact details like the name of the person, designation, contact details etc. Nowadays all these details are not enough to attract business. In these days internet contributes more to improve communication and increase your business opportunities.0
So it is not enough to print all the physical contact details in the business card. You can add more details like your email id, web url, social media identity like facebook and twitter profile ids. You can request recipients to follow you on social media, by this way both of you can become friends and share your experience in facebook and twitter. This will helps to create friendship and good long term partnership between you.
Put your social media ids in the bottom of the business card, so that anyone can easily follow you on Twitter and become friend in Facebook. A card is just for initial contact only once they met with each other they can easily strengthen their contacts via social media. In this way a good business opportunity is possible in the long run.
If you don’t have place to put your social contacts in the card then you can remove your physical address from the front side and print the social ids. Physical address can be printed in the backside of the card along with Google map.
Social media reaches strong in personal life to business activities. So promoting your business in the social media using business cards will certainly improve your business sales and helps brand reputation.
Some people may use free businesscard templates to design their card, so they can customize it according to their own needs. If you go with online printing option then you can select front and back side printing option, so that you can get your social contact printed in the backside of the card.

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Create Unique Business Cards?

When we talk about business cards most of the people like to have stunning cards. A good looking card tells the value of your business and gives confidence the card holders. It will impress and keep the recipients remember your face and business even after you leave the place. If a card looks pathetic then it will throw away by recipients, people like to keep attractive and unique cards in their wallet.
Lots of people even share good looking cards with their friends and family members. Even a business may be small or big, but recipients always like to have an attractive card in the wallet. So it is not so easy to create creative business cards. Here I have given some suggestions to create unique cards at affordable cost.
  1. Collect samples from friends, colleagues and relatives to get an idea about designing your own card.
  2. Keep the cards you received from others and review to get some ideas
  3. Search internet using the keywords like Photoshop business card templates and unique business cards.
  4. Hire a good graphic designer from the freelancing sites like, and and discuss with him/her your idea about designs.
  5. If you have good cash reserve in hand then you can go with some graphic design company because there may be some quality designers will give their best service to you.
  6. Start up companies and freelancers may not have such amount money to spend to design their business cards, so they can easily download Microsoft word business card templates from web and customize it by filling their business contact details and logo
  7. Lots of online printing companies allow visitors to download templates to design their cards or some sites provide online tools where user can easily design their cards by modifying the font size, filling background colours, font colours and upload logos.
Finally you have to select some good stock cards and printing companies to produce an ultimate card.
Download free business card templates as you like. Visit again to get more Free Business Card Templates.
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