Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Free Creative Photoshop Business Card Templates

Here I have listed some business cards which attracts me in terms of creative and appearance. Any one can download and customize it at free of cost.

The bleedy lines and guides will make the card unique. Template is available for download in red, blue, green and yellow, even transparent Photoshop business card template is also there to download.
Download creative business card

Translucent Business Card

Photographers can be proud by issuing this card to their customers. It looks simple at the same time stunning.

Free Photoshop business card

Shirt with Tie Business Card 

If you want to say “unique”, this is the right one to say. It gives real impression of a shirt with tie. A right choice for tailors.
Business card for Tailors

Chef Business Card

It will really likable by chefs for its sleek and clean look. Contact details in fork will tell its creative design.

Download Business card

Tree Business Card

This card is not for corporate business, it will be liked by marketing agencies, art and design professionals.

Tree Business card

Blade Business Card

It just attracts me. I don't know, for which industry it is suitable. Saloon may be the right answer.
Download Template in PSD 

Snap Business Card

Photographers will really love to use this card. The concern is, the card size is bigger than standard card size.

Business card for photographers

Social Business Card

I can say it is unique, because it listed all the contact details in web and social media.

Download template in PSD

Google Business Card

It really amazed me because of its similar look of Google + interface and design. This some thing special when compared to rests.

Note Book Business Card

This notebook business card is simple but still creative, just give it a try.

Download free

If you have more creative business card templates to share, please post it here.

Download free business card templates as you like. Visit again to get more Free Business Card Templates.
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